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Umrah Journey

Flight to Jeddah: We took the Saudi Airline flight to Jeddah on 4th April 2019. Wore my Ihram from home. I did read that the key requirement is to wear it just before Meqat  (geographical points within which one should be wearing the Ihram), which would be about 30 minutes before reaching Jeddah airport, but thought it more convenient to just wear it from home in Dubai. Flight was comfortable. Had low expectation from Saudi airline; however, found the crew to be welcoming and helpful. Wouldn't mind travelling to other destinations via the  airline.  The added plus was the fact that Saudi airline had a dedicated spacious prayer area, also showing the direction of Kaaba. Prayed Zuhr and combined Asr since it was during travel.  The airline announced 30 minutes prior to Meqat crossing, and subsequently upon Meqat, the Niyat for Umrah was read out.  Jeddah Airport: Flight reached on time around 1pm. Immigration was fast and baggage came quickly. Possibly a low traffi

Pre-Umrah Preparation

Sharing the travel log of our journey to Makkah and Madinah for Umrah in April 2019.  These are my views, understanding and thoughts.  Pre-Umrah Preparation: Travel Agent: Searched the internet to find the right Travel Agency to help us go for Umrah. One of the thoughts was to do everything on our own; however, since this was our first trip, wanted to have a package tour so that we can be guided during the journey.   After reaching out to various agencies and following up with 3; apparently being a high travel season and my late planning wasn't getting much response. Finally Jafar from Al Mukthar Travel (after initially saying no) said i need to visit him to check availability. Reached him late in the evening. Being the first time, wanted to book a hotel as close as possible to Haram. Agreed on the overall package and type without the specifics of hotel name and airline. Seemed to good at what they are doing. Vacination: Prior to being able to apply for Visa, one needs